3 Easy Steps to Establishing a New Brand on Facebook

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3 Easy Steps to Establishing a New Brand on Facebook

Are you a business owner? Do you have a product or service that need an audience? This article is right for you.

The following tips are not for large companies that can afford 5-digit monthly advertising budgets but are aimed at small and medium-sized businesses trying to build their name in the online space.

If you are currently investing from your budget in pointless sponsorship of various posts – stop doing it an hour sooner. Before you estimate the next funds you’ll spend for social media advertising, read these few quick tips we’ve selected for you.

Awareness campaigns

We start with a group of Facebook campaigns, also called “awareness” ads. Their main task is to create popularity for the new brand.

One of them is Brand awareness. Her main job is to show only people who are inclined to remember the brand names. Exactly. This is your appropriate audience. Think about it. Which makes more sense for your business – getting lots of likes on posts from people who recognize Facebook logos as those who often respond to any type of posts, or reach that part of the audience that tends to remember the name of your brand or service? Of course, the second group is profitable for you.

Facebook’s artificial intelligence
monitors consumer behaviour

Thanks to the sophisticated intelligence available to the largest social network, the actions of each user are monitored. When, after two or three views, a customer enters the site using Google or writing the mark directly, it is reported as a user who is inclined to remember the names of different brands.

The second campaign is for “Reach” – in other words, its goal is to reach as many people as possible at the lowest cost. An extremely useful campaign when it comes to a new brand that cannot afford to precisely target its audience, as this would increase the advertising budget many times over. When looking for the best value for money, we resort to the Reach campaign, which allows us to reach a large number of consumers at a reasonable price.

Another mechanism that is extremely useful when it comes to new products or services is the use of consumer engagement campaigns. By engaging their minds with your brand through frequent reminders, they become your potential customers as they have already had several “touches” on your business.