How to create good readable SEO content

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How to create good readable SEO content

5 Extremely Valuable Tips for SEO Copywriting
As SEO copywriting services take up an increasing proportion of SEO, anywhere in the world, today we will share some tips to help you create content that is easy to read…

Content to please readers.

1 Write unique

Well, writing unique and original content is essential, but many publishers, site editors, bloggers are still tempted to use the well-known copy/paste combination. Plagiarism has never led to anything good; it will not!

Unique and original content is impossible without unique ideas, no matter how banal it may sound. Plans should be non-trivial and can make you reflect on what you read. Who would want to post a hundredth time on an article on a topic that was read and chewed a year ago, for example?

2 Focus – on user intent

2019 is, and we all know very well that re-optimized content is outdated and not working. But this is a sure way for the user to question the professionalism of the creator of this much content. At the same time, it is unlikely that anything will spoil the reader’s experience even more than a text intentionally filled with keywords. Yes, and Google is unlikely to encourage this.

Keywords play a key role, but remember that Google algorithms are continually being modified and the search engine itself is getting smarter. Today, the search engine king is much more aware of the user’s intentions and the meaning of search queries. To better understand user preferences and desires, you need to look at things with their eyes and imagine that they are entering the search bar when searching for information.

In an age where Google is obsessed with semantic search, it’s time to start thinking about the power of LSI. As you type, use synonyms and words that can override critical keywords and phrases.

3 Different from the crowd in the original title

In many cases, a good headline decides the fate of the content: whether users will see it or leave the site because they have not considered it good. To improve the effect, you can add keywords to the title – to appeal to both Google and users.

We can write a lot about the title, but we will do so in a separate article, which you can read here at The last important thing we recommend is adding a caption to the title to start the essay.

And for the finale of point 3, we can’t say the following: The title is half an article! He needs to talk a lot and you should not deviate from him!

4 Content structure

Agree with us that there is a difference when you read straight text and when you read text in order, with paragraphs, highlighting the most important and critical points…

Of course, you can write canvases without paragraphs, but it’s still better not to do so. Use headings and break the text into sections. It’s simple: today, few people read anything from beginning to end. To not increase your Bounce Rate – structure your content well.

5 Links

A good link profile is not being built today for tomorrow, it is a step-by-step process, but it is vital that you also act in this aspect to make your site recognizable to inspire readership.

Get links from other popular, reputable sites, and then your users will not doubt the credibility of your resource. Also, Google will surely thank you for your help in fulfilling our mission of “making all information accessible and useful globally.”